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Eugene and Faye Wiegenstein

Eugene and Faye Wiegenstein at Greer Spring

Not only were these folks my mom and dad, they were two of the most interesting people you’d ever know.

Mom was a great Improver. She itched to make things better–the lives of those around her, the community where she lived, herself. The notion of standing pat, accepting the way things are, was not native to her. I’ll be doing a reading later this month at the Annapolis Branch of the Ozark Regional Library, named in her honor, which would not exist without her determination and her unwillingness to accept the status quo.

Dad, on the other hand, was a great Noticer. Whenever we went for a walk in the woods, he would invariably call my attention to something I hadn’t observed before–animal sign, a new flower in bloom, a curious feature in the landscape. Easygoing and even-tempered, he inspired fondness in everyone who met him, and he was a great storyteller and dreamer of dreams.

They both avoided the limelight and always sought to direct recognition to others. But they certainly deserved every bit of recognition they got–and more.