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Roaring River Spring

Uploaded from Wikimedia Commons

I’ve never understood the appeal of trout fishing in Missouri. The trout are raised in hatcheries such as the one at Roaring River Spring, fed well, then released at regular intervals so that anglers can haul them out of the water again a few hundred yards downstream. In a few places, the trout have naturalized, but for the most part it feels to me like an exercise in absurdity.

I can certainly understand the pleasures of fishing, though, and the delight in spending time along a chilly Ozark stream. So I’ll not begrudge others their fun, and will just avoid Roaring River during trout season.

It’s an odd “river”. . . it just runs a couple miles before getting swallowed up in the inert water of Table Rock Lake. I would have loved to have seen Roaring River in the days before those streams were dammed.

Which reminds me! The new book on the turbulent and sometimes sordid history of the damming of the Osage River and subsequent creation of the Lake of the Ozarks is about to come out. I’m looking forward to it! Check it out here.