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One of my dearest friends from childhood days is Randall Hyman. From his youngest days, Randall was determined to become a world-class photographer, and he set about accomplishing that goal with a single-mindedness that anyone would envy. And by golly, he did it! Randall received a Fulbright Scholarship to spend four months in the Norwegian Arctic, chronicling science, technology, culture and tourism in the Arctic Ocean in the wake of climate change.

His blog and website, containing his amazing photos and comments about the changing life of the Arctic, can be seen here.

I am just amazed at the vibrancy and beauty of his photography. Randall’s general website is here.

And just to plug, let me say that he’s available for speaking engagements, commissions, workshops, teaching gigs, and everything else an artist does to keep food on the table these days. I have two prints of his Iceland photos on the wall in my office and prize them enormously.