. . . and I don’t care! (Sung to the tune of “Jimmy Crack Corn.”)

I haven’t been blogging lately because I’m deep into the next book, and that work has been taking all my concentration. I don’t know how many writers are like me, but I find that once I’m in the zone of concentration required for sustained fiction writing, I don’t like to get out of that zone for other types of writing. I dislike it so much (I would say “hate,” but that’s too strong a word) that I resort to all sorts of procrastination strategies to avoid other forms of writing.

When I worked in newspapers, back in days of old, we used to joke that you could always tell it was time to drop a columnist when that person wrote his or her column about how hard it was to write a column. So this blog entry is not to be that same self-justifying whine about how hard it is to blog. It’s just a notification that I’m still alive and plan to be back blogging soon.