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Hillbilly Junction


Hillbilly Junction is a landmark on US 60, south of Willow Springs. When I was living in Springfield, it served as a convenient drop-off spot when my daughter went to spend a weekend with the grandparents. Fill up the tank, eat a Reuben, buy a souvenir shot glass or a pound of fudge or maybe a quart of motor oil . . . what could be better?

Of course, a stop there means coming to grips with the pimping of the hillbilly stereotype, although this version is at least more benign than many others I’ve seen. Many of my friends and acquaintances are highly offended by this stereotypical representation – the squirrel rifle, the corncob pipe, the bare feet – and the attitudes it implies. Others see it as part of the great history of Ozarkers managing to keep their real identities to themselves by allowing outsiders to underestimate them.

Either way you look at the question of stereotypical imagery, the food is great at Hillbilly Junction.